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CNC Carved Signs

With our state of the art Multicam Apex 3r CNC router, along with our expertise and experience, our team can create very unique dimensional carved signs.  We use EnRoute Pro software to design your one-of-a-kind, custom sign, to look exactly how you want it.  Our sign shop uses premium high density urethane board (HDU) to make these signs.   HDU is a closed cell structure meaning it won’t absorb moisture and will last much longer than wood.  It will not crack, rot or peel from outside exposure.  HDU does not expand or contract, so the primer and top-coat finishes will last longer.  This signage is ideal for homes, farms, businesses, cottages, pubs, apartment complexes, and large entryway signs.  All of our carved signs are unique and specifically designed for each customer.  Therefore, the cost will vary according to size and degree of complexity.   Please contact us for a quote.

Dimensional Farm Sign

How It Works


We start by working with our customers to determine how they want the sign to look.  We then design their sign using EnRoute Pro software and get the file ready to be sent to our CNC machine.

HDU sign before painting

When the file is loaded up we begin routing the sign out on the CNC machine.  The cut time can vary based on the size and complexity of the design.  Typically the more detailed the sign is the longer the cut time will be.

HDU sign finished

After the CNC machine is finished routing out the sign we can start priming and painting the sign to the customers specifications. Contact us to get started on your very own CNC carved sign!

Sign Samples